kurgus (kurgus) wrote,

Стандартная кувалда для пертурбации фазы спутникового сигнала

Душевный фрагмент стандарта:

5.5 Phase perturbation. The transmission function shall not change the linear phase of the output RF signal by more than /.../ under the following conditions:
   c. A shock caused by the impact of a test hammer on the
      outside surface of the equipment housing the conversion
     circuitry simulating a maintenance or operator action on
     the transmission function subsystem. The test hammer
     shall be a 1-pound
(453.59-grams) weight attached to an
     8-inch (20.32-centimeter (cm))

(MIL-STD-188-164B "Interoperability of SHF Satellite Communications Terminals")

P.S. И что там писал Дивов о "биг рашен хаммер"?
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