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It is not easy... практически невозможно.

It is not easy to calculate the memory requirements of a Windows application.
Various performance counters are available, for example “Available MBytes,” “Committed Bytes,” and the “Working Set.” Although “Available MBytes” indicates the free physical main memory currently available, “Committed Bytes” specifies how much virtual main memory was assigned to the running applications and reserved in pagefile. The “Working Set” of an application is the memory already occupied by this application.
One feature of the Windows operating system must be noted in this context: if sufficient main memory is available, then the applications also occupy more memory. Windows does not “tidy up” and swap out the memory outside the “Working Set” unless the free memory space falls below a given threshold value.

This means that it is not possible to see the actual memory requirements for a system that is operated outside the memory limit range.

(MS Windows Terminal Server Sizing Guide, 2005)

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